Changan Yaoqi Talk

主演:萧蔷 贺刚 何文辉 



时间:2021-12-15 19:14:00




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Gao Village, the dwelling place where Zhu Bajie (starred by Xie Ning) lived before his celestialization, is destroyed overnight. Zhu Buhui (starred by He Gang), the only son between Zhu Bajie and Lady Gao, gets displaced and enters Chang’an city to search for Li Chunfeng, the key person related to the destruction. Zhu Buhui comes across the unsophisticated, kind-hearted exorcist Xiao Linzi (starred by He Wenhui) when he engages with other exorcists. The two discouraged men support each other and establish a good friendship. However, the strange and haunting events in Chang’an city are heeded by them. The most gorgeous beauty Miss Xiao Qianya (starred by Stephanie Siao) in the House of Amiable Joy is sly and furtive but deeply adores the monster Zhu Buhui who favors a pear tree in his house. The pear tree is transformed into a lovely fairy Li Luo under the cultivation of the magic essence of Zhu Buhui. However, the quiet life among the three is disturbed by the Exorcism Gathering. Zhu Buhui swears vengeance on Li Luo’s death and commits killings and finally challenges his father as an enemy in the Temple of Altar Messenger. Zhu Bajie confesses he destroyed the Gao Village for which had been cursed and demonized. Zhu Bajie is enlightened by a mad monk and buries the hatchet with his son. Zhu Buhui and Xiao Linzi leave Chang’an city for a long march ahead.
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